‘Patriotism’…The moment you hear this word, how do you wish to react really??? Some people have been literally observed giving a “yaa…whatever” look. But trust me; it just doesn’t work that way. There are people who are fighting for your safety sacrificing their own lives.

Okay, now post reading this new angle to patriotism given below, the least I expect is a new and changed expression on your face when you are into a discussion about how patriotic you are. Maybe a small switch from “yaa…whatever” to “I love my country and I am a proud citizen” will do good and be just to those people who have left their families behind just for the sake to save your families from any threats hovering over the nation.

Every Indian’s heart swelled with pride when our super statured team won the ICC World Cup 2011. So was mine. ‘This’ little girl, who in those 18 years of her bygone life could never even sit back for a couple of overs of the match, was seen with tears crawling down her cheeks when she witnessed those last two overs of ‘the’ World Cup. Probably I couldn’t take the happiness and hence emoted so. For me, this little kiddo called ‘Patriotism’ took birth in my small little heart ‘that’ day.

But, but, but…I never knew ‘this’ little child would blossom in a way it did! Post the match, for some 48 hours in a row, the news channels were flooded with myriad breaking news, each with a new surprise for the Indian cricket champs, either cash or kind.

I do not want you to think what was done was wrong, but the aftermath glorifies a simple to understand fact that it was far too much to make the richer more rich and widen the already wide bridge between the rich and the poor.

Have we certainly forgotten the menaces we still have to tackle, be it the huge population that is to be fed or the ‘transitory’ to ‘developed’ country progression and so on and so forth…?

Either we have grown too habitual to ‘this’ obscurity or we have become far too self-centred to realise the pains of others!!! The need of the hour is to throw off the un-toothed watchdog we have hired for ourselves and empathise with people who are not as lucky and privileged as we are.

We have literally got so engrossed in our own lives that the nooks and corners of our country have become invisible to our eyes. Even if they seem inevitable, this inevitability needs to be eradicated. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! Let us all come together and put our best foot forward to coagulate these ’little bubbles’ of our country. Remember, the vulnerable species will come out of their categorically decided room, only IF WE LET them!

I don’t want this little child growing in me to die a painful death and meet fate merely by virtue of lack of support…

YOU CAN HELP!! But, the question is…WILL YOU???



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About Sonakshi Arora

I was just 9 when my mother made her first attempt to quench her daughter’s thirst of becoming a wholesome package of the corporate world. Her realization was the result of the hypothetically elevated graph she made, of the frequency of the virtual exhibitions of my corporal skills.

Lately, when I was swimming in the pool of my thoughts, I learnt that there was yet another chance to help my mother succeed, thereby freezing my mind on the milestone of “Writing”, besides freelancing as a content builder for a couple of companies. Fuelled by the desire to further delve into the world of my creativity and curiosity, I am presently pursuing my Bachelors in Media Studies at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. This will improve my prospects at the Graduation level, it being the perfect blend of everything that’s coveted to shape my dreams, shedding light on the best road ahead.

By God’s grace, I know where to direct the force of my will to ensure that I don’t fall into the traps and ruins of indecisiveness. I strongly believe that its one’s passion that drives his/her dreams into reality and what we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not because the nature of work has changed but because of the metamorphosis done by the increased power to do it.

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