Organic Bazaar a big Bizarre

We discuss a lot about changes and adaptation, one such is an issue about the Organic food stores in the market. Organic foods are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They could also be termed as non-chemically grown foods. However, they contain more nutritional value than the conventionally grown foods.

In India, market for organic food stores is rare but it’s slowly being adopted. Food Bazaar has a small section assigned to organic foods. The section is unidentified as customers walk past, apparently unaware. In our country, there are only two brands on offer and both uncertified.

Presently seeing the condition, India does not have a market for organic food stores as the subject gets inadequate retail presence, no certified branded produce, an incomplete range, uncompetitive price points no supportive government policies.

Domestic retail avenues for organic produce have been the fruit mart, bakery and kirana store along with an up market provision store here and there. The growth of the produce is becoming evident; however it is not being supplied in the country. It is being exported as it fetches the country quite a high amount of economical increase. One of the main reasons why India would not be able to grow in Organic food stores is because of lack of unawareness among the customers.

Certification evidence is also one of the main hindrances that stop it from growing. Moreover, government policies restrict the farmers from growing as they are compelled to grow conventional foods. Everything has its goods and bads, and so does organic foods. The government has not fully given recognition to the organic food departments because it mainly focuses on the benefits of the underprivileged or weaker section of the society who cannot afford organic food items. Since, conventional foods are comparatively cheaper in price and widely available, thus, people consider buying them over organic foods.

Looking at the developed countries like Europe and the U.S, every supermarket has a green line where a complete range of certified organic products is available. India is just beginning to manage a toehold in some supermarkets. Well certain malls have formatted the idea and are leading the yet to open outlets. Malls claim that the organic range is not complete because they are dependant on local brands to initiate; they just aren’t big enough for themselves to sprout and stand in the market.

Also, currently, the market is in its infancy and does not benefit the economy of the country through this. Masses believe that as more stores open up precisely for organic foods, the customers will demand more thereby resulting in the fall of prices of the organic foods. Well, India is aiming at its growth in the market sector and certain plans have been implemented regarding this. So by the end of this year, we can expect more stores to come in form and yes be ready for the Boom!




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