Online Registration for your UID Card

The Human Resource Development Ministry of India has recently undertaken a scheme aiming to give each Indian a Unique Identity card which holds the status of an electronic and physical identity. The time consuming and difficult process applying for a UID card has discouraged many people to do so, which is why an experimental online registration process has been put up for selective parts of the country.

Currently most people register for their UIDs by going to their cities General Post office or one of the UID centers of that particular area. There have already been nearly more than 1 Crore sign ups.

In Chandigarh, the residents can apply for their UID by visiting the website Through this website they can make appointments for the submission of their documents. They will be given an exact time and date, on which they have to attend their appointments with the required documents at one of the UID centers located in the listed city.

According to the UID Authority of India, more UID centers will open within the next two weeks. They will be having their websites opened in about a month. An applicant can take an appointment for up to four people through the online portal. Later on they must attend the appointment given to them with the required documents, which are as follows; a photo identity, residence and date of birth. After the appointment and the process the UID Card will be sent to the residential address of the applicant.

This initiative will hopefully help those who were not willing to apply for their UID’s before and also this will be initiated in all cities of the country.



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