Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! {Supporters Chanting}

This happened because of you. Thank you. –Barack Obama

The 51 years old president Obama who never misses using the word “hope” in his speeches is not leaving the white house for the next four years. Securing 303 seats (while Romney at 206, Florida’s 29 electoral votes still undecided), the dog lover (Obama has a Portuguese water dog Bo) democratic Mr. President defeated the Republican Mitt Romney and retained the presidency (and stay as the 44th president-second term) of the States.


With wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia, Obama celebrated his victory on stage in Chicago and cited “We know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come”. Also he never loved Michelle more (how come Mr. President?).

With 20 million tweets, Election Day just became the most tweeted about event in US political history.

During the ’08 election we tweeted what they were doing on TV. Four years later, TV is talking about what we’re doing on Twitter.
-Nick Bilton

Before elections:

A fierce battle was going on between the contenders (Oba vs. Rom), let’s see their trickeries.

Obama’s trick:

The central message of Obama’s campaign has been that he saved America from a second Great Depression after the economy was on the brink of collapse when he took over from Republican president George W. Bush in 2009.

He claims credit for ending the war in Iraq, saving the US auto industry, killing Osama bin Laden, offering almost every American health insurance, and passing the most sweeping Wall Street reform in decades.

Romney’s trick:

Romney sought to mine frustration with the slow pace of the economic recovery and argued that the president was out of ideas and has no clue how to create jobs, with unemployment at 7.9% and millions out of work.

After elections:

In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. –Barack Obama

Very well Mr. President.

The funny future:

Obama is playing Equestrian (Romney’s fav. Sport) and Romney Basketball (Barack’s fav. Sport). They have become best friends. –A Time traveller (who just visited the near future)

The funny Tweet:

@RepTeamZeek doesn’t give a hoot. “If Romney wins, I’ll leave the country. If Obama wins, I’ll leave the country… This isn’t political; I just want to go on a vacation.” Have a good time, TeamZeek.

The End of the Elections:

“Together with your help and God’s Grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. Thank you, America. God bless you. God bless these United States.”
-Barack Obama



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