Numerology and Why do we believe in it

Let us be a little hypothetical for a minute. Imagine your life to be virtually opened apart in front of you. You can foresee it in like an open book. It is now in your hands how you wish to manage the events further. And now the central spark, all this is showcased to you like a pseudo exhibition in your mind on the basis of an analysis done on numerical patterns. Wondering as to what exactly are you asked to imagine?

Well, this is exactly what is served to you in a decorated platter of “NUMEROLOGY” in the real life. Garnished with various terms and aspects, it is turned into a real time recipe that soothes a majority of taste buds today.

Numerology is fundamentally a study that promises to bring into light a mystical connection between your life and numbers, as the name suggests. This pseudo mathematics, as referred by modern scientists, has been into existence since the times of Pythagoras.

Numerology, the paranormal divinatory art, is primarily a practice meant for people who have immense faith in the numerical patterns.

Modern numerology is metaphorically like an open sea today. It has genuinely lots to offer in today’s era. It has variant aspects strewed to it. For instance, the concept of “Circle of the Dead” by Chinese, the Kabbalah’s Hebrew system and so on…

Numerology is hugely considered as God’s communication to Homo sapiens, as confirmations of truth. But at the end of the day, it remains a personal discretion whether to try and dig deep into the secret by investigating on it, or leave it on destiny.

A lot of people like Sir Thomas Browne have proved the authenticity of numerology by various means.

Not all people believe in it, but the aim is to boggle through the other section of society and find out why people really believe in numerology. They largely suppose that the energy that pervades in the universe can be felt into existence by means of tuning it with our mind force, courtesy numerology. So, in order to envelope this cosmic energy and the protagonist’s aura together, one likes to take the support of artificial means such as numerology. While some others in favour, they like to think it as an application of spiritual laws, helping them to come on the path of self development and subsequently “Moksha”.

A few others associate it to the age old dictum, “Precaution is better than cure”. The opponents (if you don’t mind calling the non-favouring half so) view this as a “Put on your cynical thinking caps” situation. They find it a little too unwise to intentionally stress yourself under the burden of these additional thoughts to worry. For them, it’s equivalent to garbling your mind day and night unnecessarily.

And like everything else in this world, majority believes in numerology by virtue of past experiences and relatives’ influences. No wonder how fast the population in favour of numerology is increasing! Who can forget the 11/11/11 agenda? Statistics review that there is a considerable hike observed in the number of people believing in numerology post every special date.

Conclusively, this by-product of human evolution namely numerology is indeed God for some people and pseudo science for the rest.




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  1. Kevin Faulkner says:

    Actually although Sir Thomas Browne stated, ‘I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras and the secret magic of numbers’ in his ‘Religio Medici’ he never proved anything whatsoever about numerology. His discourse ‘The Garden of Cyrus’ while extolling the number five was also a bit of a tongue-in-cheek exercise on the inter-connection between art, nature and number, and he himself recognised the absurdity of such ‘inexcusable Pythagorism’. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras of course being the root and origin of all numerology. Numerology as an archetype of order is discussed in depth by C.G.Jung in his collected writings.

  2. Numerology should also be considered when when we keep names for our babies. Be it a girl or a boy, before keeping a name numerology can be considered and with it an extra alphabet can be introducd in name.

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