Now Whisky Can Run Your Car

There is a growing concern that the world may run out of petroleum based fuel resources as the usage of the fuel is increasing day by day while the resources are shrinking. It makes imperative that the search for the alternate fuels is taken in right earnest. The non-conventional or advanced fuel is alternative fuels. It can be any material that can be used as a fuel other than the conventional fuel like petrol, diesel, coal, natural gas etc. They are derived from resources other than petroleum. As the current available natural resources are vanishing fast we have limited time to find or search for more fuel options. In the same line to find an alternate to fuel some of the scientists from Scotland developed a bio fuel that is made from by products of whisky.

It is estimated by the scientists that

1. The bio fuel made from the whisky can give you 30 percent more output power than ethanol.

2. It is more environmentally sustainable option.

3. This fuel can be used in ordinary car without any modification in the engine.

Two main by products of whisky production are used to produce the butanol. These are pot ale that is the leftover liquid from the copper stills and the second is draff that is the spent grains.  Scotland has more than $6.2billion whisky industry and that is sufficient to provide enough by products to produce bio fuel to be sold in the local gas stations. This research took $407000 and that has been funded by government backed Scottish enterprise.

The federal government offers tax incentives to the consumers purchasing alternative fuel vehicles for promoting alternate fuels. Some of the examples of alternate fuels are: biodiesel, natural gas (CNG), ethanol, propane, hydrogen gas, etc. Switching to alternate sources can save money as the fuel prices are sky catching while the alternate fuels can be produced within the country. It can help in restoring our environment.



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