Noise Pollution – Stop Honking

Any type of disturbing and unwanted sound created by humans, animals, machines etc is considered as noise. In India noise pollution is mainly caused by transportation and vehicular sound.

I didn’t think noise pollution was of that much concern as I always wear my helmet while riding and my ears are pretty tight so I can’t hear much. That was until I lost my helmet and realized how stressful it is to ride in traffic with all the noise from honking cars. Once I reached home I looked in the mirror and my face was all red and I was extremely fatigued. That’s when I started doing some research on the effects of noise pollution.

Health Effects from Noise

Health problems that have been caused by noise are health effects of noise pollution. Noise pollution does not only affect you psychologically but physiologically. Some of the common problems faced by people who are exposed to a lot of noise pollution are hyper stress, sleep disturbance, hearing loss, ischemic heart disease, high Blood Pressure etc.

How it affects the unborn?

Any type of loud sound is considered as noise for an unborn child. Noise can cause damage to the developing central nerve system and vital organs of an unborn child.

Effects on the Environment

Noise pollution can have terrible effect on the environment and animals’ lives by adding up to their stress level as they constantly have to be alert due to the noise created by us. This unbalances their way of communicating and so their lives.

Currently the noise level in India is growing mainly due to the motor vehicles. The noise level on the streets of India has increased enormously and it is on a fast growing pace.

Here are some points on how to avoid noise pollution: –

  • While driving honk only if necessary
  • Do not honk in silent zones (near hospitals or campuses)
  • Do not play loud music
  • Avoid firecrackers
  • Maintain you vehicle properly so that I won’t make loud noise due to its maintenance problems.
  • If riding a bike in traffic or you are going to places where there is a lot of noise you should wear ear-plugs.
  • Turn your engine off when not in use



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  1. Mandana Mokhberi says:

    I think horn in India is part of culture , when I was living there I heard people calling their God when they horn ,it is hard to make the people be aware of that but it is good good to give the people information about side effects.
    I miss those sounds some how. hehe…

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