New Intel chip on Motorola and Lenovo smartphones

Intel’s new processor known as Medfield chip was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This processor has been designed for devices made by Motorola Mobility and Lenovo in the upcoming android-based smartphones. The Medfield chip has been designed to start Intel’s headway for the dominated sector. Motorola’s partnership gets its significance as Google is taking over the phone maker.

The Medfield chip is Intel’s second attempt to utilize its Atom-based chips in smartphones. Last attempt was with LG whom unveiled its tie up with Intel at CES in year 2010, but the devices never went to the production stage. At the CES this year, Intel even announced the approximate shipping dates for the new devices and that Motorola would sell its handsets in the second half of the year. Intel also mentioned that the Medfield chip will also be for Lenovo’s android based smart phones and the devices will come out in July.

The Medfield chip has an X86-architecture CPU, a ram memory controller and an Imagination technologies designed graphics processing unit all together on the same tiny chip. One of the main advantages of this chip is that it has been designed to keep a balanced processing power for maximization of battery life. This chip can deliver 8 hours of 3G voice calls, 6 hours of 1080p video decoding or 5 hours of 3G internet browsing. Battery life in this on the smartphones with this processor will be good enough, may not be the best but it is certainly not the worst.

Intel said that the existing Android apps will be compatible on its chips as steps have been take to prevent problems with the android apps.

Intel also said that the chips can later on be used in tablets. But currently a different clover trail processor is being promoted. This was demonstrated at the CES on a tablet running the upcoming Windows 8 system.



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