New Improved Google Plus App Released for iPhone

A new version of Google+ app has been redesigned, improved and released on the app store and it is available free of cost for iPhones. The new version of Google Plus app looks sharper and richer with color. It also consists of easier share links, update features and it is certainly a better social networking application.

This new redesigned Google Plus app will surely attract more mobile users to start using Google Plus frequently and regularly.

This version of the app is currently not available for iPads but Google is planning a new updated version of the app specially designed for iPad.

In this app you can upload images and videos but they will remain as private files until you share them with a circle or anyone you want to.

You can also get updates about circles and change them by just tapping on a particular circle. The +1 button is located on top of the screen. With this app it is also easier to start a video hang out by using the Messenger option in which you can add 9 people.

In order to download the app on your iPhone click HERE. 



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