New Features that come with Google Knowledge Graph Search

Google recently introduced its new search technology “Knowledge Graph” which provides the users with search results based on understanding and relevance and not on keywords. Google Knowledge Graph connects the users query with its knowledge base and shows better and more relevant results and related key facts along with the results. Here are some of the handy features of the new algorithm: –

Recommendations – If you are searching for a particular book, movie or a TV show you can type the name and you will get recommendations for other queries that are related to your query.

Events – On knowledge graph you can also search about the upcoming and latest cultural and musical events near you. For example you can look up for a band to see if they are performing any time soon and where it will take place.

Traveling Recommendations – If you are planning to go to a new city or a destination that you have not been to before you can search about it on Google and you will get the must-see attractions of that particular place. That will not only show the popular tourist attractions but also the less well-known attractions.

Locate closest to you – You can search for hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners etc that are located closest to you.



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