New Features of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 consumer preview has had many changes and improvement since the Windows 8 Developer Preview both in content as well as user interface design. Here are the main new features in Windows 8 consumer preview: –

1. Windows Store – Windows Store was not available in the developer preview and now because of the release of Consumer preview or as many like to call it beta, we can finally take a look at the windows store. Currently the windows store consists of only the free softwares. All the interesting apps however will be available in the full version of Windows 8. In Windows store, each app views the user rating, icon and its price, screenshots, text summary and finally the install button.

2. The Charms – Charms are windows 8’s main system. In the developers preview they were located at the left corner of the screen but now they are located at the middle of the right edge.

3. Zoom – Now you can zoom Windows 8 Metro Start screen by just a pinch. By just a pinch the app tiles will resize to be more easily usable. Now you can also move and rename apps in groups using gesture.

4.   Running app stack gesture/Mouse to top left corner – You can navigate your running apps in touch screen by swiping your finger from the left edge and back out. This way you will see all your running apps.

5. Smooth Transition to desktop – The Desktop and Metro interface in Consumer Preview version feels very much like a single operating system. You can only feel the difference with a simple fade to black transition.



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