New Facebook Messenger App for Android

No need to use your Facebook account, but with just name and mobile number, now log on to the new Facebook Messenger on your Android.

Facebook has launched a new messenger app for Android phones, using which users, including those without a Facebook account, can send and receive messages to and from anyone with a phone number.

Users can now sign up for a messenger account with just their name and phone number, so they can send messages to their phone contacts instantly,” Facebook said in a statement.


The app is launched first in India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa while other countries will add up in near future.

The Messenger is a stand-alone mobile application and is free to download. It will use a customer’s existing data plan. People who do not have the Messenger app on their phone will receive chats and messages sent to them wherever they log into Facebook.

Well, Plunto says it’s a formative and growth-centered step from Facebook to reach even those who don’t use Facebook (what’s that species called?).





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