New City, New Hope!

Whenever we move to a new place, we expect change. Our heart is full of new hopes. Hope of happiness, growth and love.

New city
Living in home is easy, cozy and burden-free as it delivers the leisure of having anything you wanted in your hands, thanks to the supermoms. Everything gets done automatically and you just have to sit and relax. Aaah! Loving it huh?
Time is…Time was…Time is past. There comes a knock-knock in your life and you frowningly ask “who is it?” and comes a wild reply “move on”. The rest is over and you have to end your luxury. It’s time to move to a new level and stand up on your feet. You pack your bags and dream how things are going to change. Hopes build overnight and the next morning it sparkles in your eyes. Leaving somebody you love is always sad, but still you have to and so you leave your parents and leap into the future.
The new city welcomes you and promises to make your dreams come true. You are happy (except the fact that sometimes your face looks tired and tensed because of the heavy luggage). You find a place to live (which is actually very tiresome), get a place to eat (doesn’t matter how much you eat, you’ll get thinner) and join the workforce of the country.
Life becomes constant, hard and moves like a snail. To live by your own means to earn money and it’s tough. You feel like the happiness is fading and a little pain in your heart is taking birth. It may be because you miss those old, sunny days or you don’t like the job/people/place. The hopes you have made slowly starts collapsing. Stress covers up your mind and sadness is all over you.
Then the day strikes when you wipe that tears in your inward eye, and change all that is making you ill. You do what you love to do and forget the consequences and the principles of life. This change you create makes you happy and you see the hopes are reappearing in your world.
Hopes never die. Life loses balance but regains it soon. The new city may have shaken you but the hope it shows you will one day touch you. Keep hoping.




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