My Journey to the Valley of Love

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” –Robert Frost

I had believed that it is the imperishable literature and enduring poems that will make me feel the fire.
But I cannot lie.
They have affected my conscience, gave me goosebumps while I read them, caused insomnia and made my nights painful.
But I cannot lie.
There are times when they fill me with inspiration and anger. I feel elevated from the grounds of normalness and reach a higher state of fantasy.
The fire is born.
It’s the words that kindled the flame but the strength was not enough to burn me. And there is no bliss in a mild burn.

In a quest of self immolation, under the Neruda’s blue stars, I’ve walked in the immense nights in search of the Yeats’s sorrow of love. All virgin and untouched by the force of love, in bubbly mood, I wandered to get shots of it. The path was tiresome and destructive. The heart gets hurt, torn and crushed but it remains fearless and never loses its hope as the only thing it needs besides blood is love and it never cease trying to find it.

Seasons pass, times change and life lose its pace, I felt devastated and defeated. The chilly breeze made my body shiver to the bones and countless tears dropped from the eyes and dried. Then it happened, apparently a fantasy but true.


The red mournful lips smiled at me and that was enough for the happiness of whole life. My search ended, my desire of love ignited. Thrill, spark, peace, wildness, softness, all existed at the common time while giving a burning sensation. An unmatched and volcanic energy was filled in my nerves. It is like all the bright stars are at my command and all the beauty of life is flashed upon the inner eye.

The poems of love come naturally to the tips of my finger and I made all available creamy paper bloody red. Each one of them filled with my sickness of love and her loveliness. The only missing thing was the messenger pigeons. The sense of time was lost, disorder prevailed in the usual pattern of living but it never mattered, for in love nothing matters but just love.

Trying to understand this feeling is a vague process with no outcome. Letting it be and having pleasure is the best thing one can do with it. This is one of the currents in the air that lets you fly. So just close your eyes and fly. I did the same.

Everything became magical, days, nights, slumber and I surrendered my soul to the strong and seductive forces of love. I live in it and never came out. The travel to the valley of love has become my destination and in the infiniteness of this valley all I can ever see is my own self drowning in the dark and inescapable water of love.

“The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love.”  -Love in the Time of Cholera 

My Journey to the Valley of Love



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