Must Read Novels

1. A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

This novel focuses on the lives of two young women from Afghanistan- Mariam and Laila. Mariam is an illegitimate child and  lives with her mother while her father resides in the city with his other 3 wives and 9 children but visits here once in a week. Once when her father didn’t turn up to take her for a play , she sets out for the city to “fetch” her father. When she comes back the next day , she sees that her mother has hanged herself because she thought that Mariam had deserted her. Mariam then begins living with her father and eventually gets married to Rasheed , a shoemaker ,3 0 years elder to her. Mariam gets pregnant a lot of times bit fails to give birth to a child . This infuriates Rasheed and gives birth to domestic abuse.

In the meanwhile , a girl called Laila is pregnant with the child of her love Tariq who left the city with his family. Laila’s parents die in a rocket incident and she is taken in by Mariam and Rasheed who makes her his second wife. When he gets to know that Mariam is pregenant, he becomes suspicious and starts physically abusing her too.Mariam then gives birth to a girl , Aziza and eventually Mariam and Laila become best friends.They even attempted to run , but in vain , they were caught by Rasheed and beaten up even more.A few years later , Laila gives birth to a boy called Zalmai. In the meanwhile , Tariq return and his love with Laila rekindles. When Zalmai mentions about Tariq to Rasheed , he becomes furious and starts hitting Laila and Mariam with a shovel. In the struggle , Mariam kills Rasheed , takes the accusation and is executed while Laila with her two children and,Tariq runs away to Afghanistan .


2. Da Vinci Code

This indigeneous piece of work created by Dan Brown starts with the mysterious death of the curator of the Louvre museum. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu are summoned to decode the symbols the curator carves on his body before he dies. They trace clues to realize that the curator was part of a secret society which even had Da Vinci as one of it’s members.They attempt to uncover the mystery of the holy grail. This book is impossible to put down once you start reading it and Dan Brown unravels many possible angles to facts


3. Eat , Pray Love

The story revolves around Elizabeth Gilbert who is in a total wreck after a messy divorce and a doomed affair. She decides to take a holiday and travel to Italy , India and Indonesia. In Italy , food becomes her savior as she drowns herself in good food and drinks. In India, she obtains peace as she goes soul searching through meditation and prayers. In Indonesia , she finds love and learns about striking a balance from the medicine man . This journey of discovery is something we could all relate to and learn from.


4. White Tiger

White Tiger is about the journey of a man from being a mere servant /driver to an entrepreuner. Balram gets his big break when he is hired as a driver by the villager’s wealthiest man. This time when he experiences a lot of new things , understands the difference between the rich and the poor and discovers a lot more about people. The story takes a macabre twist when he murders his owner,steals his money and runs away. He turns to the dark side and becomes corrupt. This book makes you look at India with a completely distorted perspective and makes you introspect.


5. The Alchemist

This is a story about a simple shepard called Santiago who has dreams of finsing treasures and riches in the deserts of Africa. It is an adventure where Santiago learns that he must follow his heart and all his dreams can be achieved. This book inspires to follow your dreams and not be discouraged by the hurdles on the way.


6. Lost symbol

This action thriller by Dan Brown is about Robert Langdon who travelled to D.C Because his mentor called him only to reach there and realize that it was a way to being him to the place. Solomon’s severed hand is found in the adjacent building with symbols over it that Langdon and Solomon’s sister Katherine try to decrypt throughout the book because they know that it could reveal information that could change the world! This book grips you on till the end and is a definite must-read.


7. The girl with a dragon tattoo

This is murder mystery story served with a pinch of love. Mikael Blomkvist , a journalist and Lisbeth Salander , a computer hacker are on the case to solve the mystery of a missing girl – Harriet.Through investigation they realized that this single event has numerour other murders and events linked to it giving it an entirely gruesome twist.This book holds within itself an exciting story and is sure to have you engrossed from the start till the end.


8. The kite runner

The story starts showing the unlikely friendship between Amir , the son of an afghani businessman and Hassan the son of Amir’s father’s servant who lived with him.The story moves onto the dismal state of Kabul with the entry of the Talibans. Later Amir and his father immigrate to America where he also finds love.The story takes an interestin turn when Amir is called back to Afghanistan which follows self discovery.This is a fantastic book and is much recommended.





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