Must Read Novels of all Time

Some people find it a real daunting task to read novels, as reading if the one thing which requires love, patience and passion. Although the internet has become a replacement for many things today, online reading still doesn’t stand a match to the same feeling and enjoyment which a novel lover derives out of reading a physical hard cover book. Right from suspense to romantic comedy, novels still till date stand for knowledge and wisdom as the art of book reading is still alive today. Here is a list of some best novels, which I believe, is a must read for any person involved in the art of reading.


  • Tale of Two Cities: A classic novel by one of the most famous classic novelist, Charles Dickens, this book is set in the backdrop of before and during the French Revolution in London and Paris. The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry during and after the French revolution, giving a clear description as to how this strong revolution changed and affected the lives of many. With well over 200 million copies sold, this novel stands out as one of the best fictional books one must read.
  • The Da Vinci Code: It is a mystery detective novel written by Dan Brown.It follows symbologist Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu who investigate a murder in Paris’s Louvre Museum and later find the victim’s body posed and framed like Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing, the Vitruvian Man with a cryptic message written beside his body. This book was not well reviewed by critics because of its negative appraisals concerning its literary value and its portrayal of history.  The novel nonetheless became one of the bestselling novels in 2009, selling about 80 million copies worldwide.
  • Lolita: A novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, this novel became best known for its writing style in the year 1955 and in other part of the world in 1958. It became very notable for the controversial lines it was based on wherein a middle aged literature professor Humbert becomes obsessed with the 12 year old Dolores Haze (Lolita) with whom he gets intimately involved after Lolita ends up being his stepdaughter. Lolita became one of the most controversial pieces of literature of the 2oth century, being one of the famous classic novels of all time.
  • Angels and Demons: The bestselling novel of the year 2000, written by Dan Brown, it became one of the best fictional mystery suspense novels of all time. The novel tells about a Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, of how he works to solve a murder and prevent the city of Vatican against a dangerous terrorist attack.
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: This is one powerful, simple and inspiring novel for people all across the world. This book has been successful in inspiring a devoted crowd in many part of the world. A truly life=-changing novel, Paulo Coelho’s writing and imagination would make you change your perspective to look at things, making the book an eternal testament to the transformation power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.
  • Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer:This Novel talks of two men and their lust for power and success. They are locked in a relentless struggle to build an empire, fueled by their all consuming hatred.  Born in two different environments and living totally different lifestyles, after many glorious years they find each other fighting and battling for the success and triumph only one man can have.



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