Music Therapy

Music therapy is an expressive therapy and it is considered as a health profession. This therapy involves an interpersonal process including a trained music therapist using music and all of its elements to cure and improve a person’s health. The main purpose of this therapy is to help the clients improve their health by using music experiences, which includes singing, songwriting, listening and discussing music etc. This therapy is considered to be both art and science. Generally such kinds of therapies are followed by a referral made by health care professionals such as physicians, psychologists, physical therapists etc. But clients can also decide to pursue music therapy without a referral. Music therapy goes back to the time of the Turco-Persian psychologist and musician Al-Farabi also known as “Alpharabius” (872-950). He was one of the first to practice Music therapy.

Music is one of the main de-stressors. This includes both listening to music, playing an instrument, or songwriting. While listening to music, the inner lining of the blood vessel relaxes, opens up and produces chemicals that are protective to the heart. This was discovered by Dr. Mike Miller using high-tech imaging. This also depends on the type of the music you listen to. If you listen to a type of music which is pleasant to your ears and you enjoy, this is good for you. But at the same time if you listen to a disturbing type of music which you do not enjoy, the blood vessels close up, which is the same thing that stress or tension does.

Music therapy helps the stroke patients in regaining language. Especially for patients who have lost their talking skills and are not able to communicate, music therapy is quite helpful. Scientists have been using music therapy to help such patients. If you think of it mothers often speak to their children in a singing tone which helps the children to communicate better.

Recently, music therapy has gained its popularity all around the world. Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Africa and Tanzania are the main places were music therapy is studied and practiced by scientists. Some of the main disorders which are mainly cured by music therapy are Bipolar disorder, Autism, Dementia , heart problems and many more.



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