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Music has different meanings to every individual. Every person has a favorite genre of music and sometimes we find people who listen to the same type of music that we like which brings us closer. There are various types of music genres, which have their own characteristics and history. Here are the few main music genres that almost everyone listens to.

Rock music achieved its popularity in the 1960s, starting with The Beatles, The Doors, The rolling stones and many more. This type of music evolved as a part of Rock and Roll, rhythm and blues, classical music and folk music that existed since early 1940s. Rock music mostly focuses on the electric guitar, the bass guitar and the drums. In this genre a typical song consists of a main part, chorus and an electric guitar solo. Currently those who do not really know much the music scene, consider any type of heavy music under the rock genre category. There are also many combinations of rock music with other genres which have created a different genre all by itself. Some these genres are folk rock, classical rock, punk rock, blues rock, jazz rock, soft rock, heavy metal, hard rock, grunge rock, progressive rock and as one the latest genres of rock music, which evolved in the 1990s is alternative rock.

Country Music and Folk Music
Country music is considered to be one the oldest genres of music. This genre came to existence in the 1920s in the southern part of the United States of America. This type of music mainly includes the acoustic guitar with the vocals of the singer.
Folk music has lost its popularity recently. But it was of quite a high significance in the 19th century. Yet there are many people who listen to this type of music. This type of music also has the acoustic guitar, rhythms and it is mainly characterized by its socially evoking lyrics.

Trance music is a type of electronic dance music. This genre mainly revolves around fast beats and different sounds that play a melody. This genre began to gain its popularity in the 1990s and currently there are various sub-genres to it. This type of music is mainly poplar with the underground rave parties.

Hip Hop music and Rap
Rap music mostly revolves around beatboxing and DJ scratching. In Rap music the artist raps on a fixed beat and a tempo.

Pop music
This is the highest selling genre of music at the present time. This music is not exactly everyone’s favorite but it is quite commercial and sells quite well.

Here are some of the other genres of music that are also quite popular amongst the people: –

• Jazz
• Latin music
• Classical music
• Instrumental music
• Opera music
• Reggae music
• Religious music
• Sufi music



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