Music Album Review: The Budos Band-The Budos Band III

Sometimes, between a glut of jaded rock and kiddy-pop albums, comes a breath of fresh air. Something that you may have never heard before, something you may not even generally listen to, but something so refreshingly different, it could change your entire perspective on ‘good’ music permanently. The Budos Band III is EXACTLY the kind of album that was needed to shake up the current music scene. The sad part is very few people have or will ever hear of this band because of their genre and target audience. That said, I implore you to go and check this out immediately. No, seriously, go listen to it, read the review later.

This is the third album by TBB, very creatively named The Budos Band III. This band has been known for a sound that can only be described as a love child of instrumental African folk music, old-school jazz and 60s funk. And all three elements have been combined so brilliantly, TBB has actually succeeded in creating a new sub-genre all by themselves. Comparatively short in length with a play time of just below thirty-five minutes, this proves to be the most powerful half an hour of music you will hear for a long time. Most of the songs can only be described as improvised sketches, which is half the reason the album sounds so unique. A rich horn section, a phat, funky bass, and an almost hypnotic rhythm section produces a powerful yet unique sound that has a very visual feel about it. Most of these songs have their roots based in African imagery and they are very capable of invoking the sights of the deserts and forests. Another reason this album has grabbed my attention so much is the sheer energy of the performances. This band has a minimum of ten members at any given time and to produce the kind of rich yet disciplined sound speaks volumes about these talented musicians.

I sincerely hope this review manages to get at least a couple of people to go out and give this a try. I simple cannot get enough of their sound and consider this one of the greatest albums I have heard in a long, long time. Enough talk. Go listen. I cannot recommend this enough.

Final Rating: 10/10 (Perfection)

Track List:

  1. Rite of the Ancients
  2. Black Venom
  3. River Serpentine
  4. Unbroken, Unshaven
  5. Nature’s Wrath
  6. Golden Dunes
  7. Budos Dirge
  8. Raja Haje
  9. Crimson Skies
  10. Mark of the Unnamed
  11. Reppirt Yad

The Budos Band is:

  • Vincent Balestrino, Shekere
  • Thomas Brenneck, Electric Guitar
  • John Carbonella Jr., Congas, Drums
  • Mike Deller, Organ
  • Daniel Foder, Bass Guitar
  • Cochemea Gastellum, Tenor Sax, Flute
  • Andrew Greene, Trumpet
  • Dave Guy, Trumpet
  • Rob Lombardo, Bongo, Congas
  • Brian Profilio, Drums
  • Dame Rodriguez, Cowbell, Clave, Tambourine
  • Jared Tankel, Baritone Saxophone



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