MPs salary hike, should or shouldn’t

A Member of  Parliament (MP) gets 16,000 as salary and 20,000 as constituency allowance. They are paid 4,000 for stationary and 2,000 for postal charges. They also get a sitting fee of 1000 per day on the 73-odd days that Parliament is in session. This works out to around 30,000 a month.

But the perpetually outraged in the media have been creating a ruckus over the recommendations of Joint Parliamentary Commission (JPC), which said the salary component should be on par with the secretaries of the Government of India. A secretary to the government gets 80,000 a month. The proposal before the Cabinet was to hike the salary for MPs to 50,000.

Oh sorry, let me correct this data. Its not moderate hike, its 3 times than present salary. At present the average around 50000 INR. Our uneducated MPs never deserve salary of more than 10000 INR. Please don’t compare MPs with secretary, because they are more educated than MPs.

And the best part of the story is that Who says Indian MPs  are not united.. see Congress and BJP MPs joined hands in demanding a hike in their salaries.



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  1. Jammerguy says:

    Should only if they work properly for the constituency they get elected from and better salary would (HOPEFULLY) make them less corrupt than more corrupt (but still corruption will be there, need to follow the tradition of politics in India. Nothing more one could do)

  2. There is something which is known as “First deserve than desire” but our mp’s believes in only desiring.
    Creating mayhem most of the time in the parliament is our mp’s most deserving task they do.There is one more point ,for ruining sessions in parliament our mp’s got paid.On the basis of these daring deeds our mp’s are asking for their pay hike.Who should feel shame for it, we or our mp’s . Putting myself neutral for both i found that we are more culpable(for sending such uneducated mp’s to the parliament) for the present scenario.

  3. Why the hell they need money .MP’s get all facilities from the government .

  4. Sanjay Deshmukh says:

    very good

  5. well said Amit. they are the only group of persons in the whole world who get salaries let me correct, very handsome salaries for doing nothing.

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