Movies and their impact on our society!

Movies have become one of the most inseparable parts of our society. It is hard to imagine our society without creation of movies. With the advent of technology the number of theatre goers has reduced. The cinema halls and multiplexes are loaded with people! The number of movie-goers or cinema goers has sky rocked since last decade. Now it is such that any movie completes a god record of screenings in one city considering weekends as `a good source of earning money. It is so booming that it shows no signs of coming down.

This is because the number of viewers is huge and they all have innumerable options of movies of different choices.  Movies, for once give you a great fairytale experience apart from your daily mundane lives. Movies are a great form of media and they help spreading propaganda. They are very successful in attempting and influencing the people. For instance, if a car model is shown in a movie, one may desire to have the same car in his parking. Or homes, food, clothing and accessories are a few others which have greater impacts. In fact, the movie makers are trying to market the products using movies, recently.

Like, if the new collection of a furniture brand is shown in a movie and if it is likable by all they might go search it in the market and buy products shown in a movie. To use few seconds of movie footage in order to market their movie is a great trick for the movie and also for the product advertisers; like some lifestyle brands are ‘partners’ with a movie. It makes us curious about the new product and makes us want to go and check the product in the market! So, movies have been a successful attempt to advertise and communicate the ideas of products for a wide audience.

Movies have a great impact on our psychology, the music they produce, steady scenes and few different methods of viewing things in cinema always creates a greater and wider influence over the minds of people. It consciously leaves traits of movie personalities, characteristics and their behavior.  After viewing some dress in a movie, we make it a latest fashion trend. We also follow the way they speak, walk and the lifestyles they lead! Moreover, movies make it seem like indulging in polygamous relationships are easy and they are unsafe for the relationships in our real lives, both emotionally and physically.

While we wrote down few negative impacts of movies over society, here are some of the positive pointers of it.

Movies are successful in giving humans a reality check! Certain movies are so positive and the roles played by actors in the movie are generous, kind and reflect such other positive attributes. They are also helpful in creating awareness about socio-economic and political affairs of nations. They help create awareness about evils diseases like HIV, and few others. Some also depict the immorality of having multiple sex partners. Movies are great medium to encourage and persuade creativity and they help us boost our imagination! The film industry has been a successful platform to generate employment for people. With loads of movies being created and produced, there is always scope for new job opportunities. It requires special skill and knowledge in order to work with a movie production though.

Movies have their own plus and minus points but they are great social entertainers! They act as an ‘escape hatch’ for those who wish to forget about all their worries, frustrations of the daily chores. Movies actually affect us more than the way we just imagine or the way above text has been portrayed.




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