Movie Review – Lafange Parinde

Movie – Lafange Parinde
Star cast – Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone
Director – Pradeep Sarkar
Review in short – One time watch

Don’t go with the name as the movie can inspire you not to become a Lafanga Parinda but do something good to your life. Movie that is a love story is in pure Mumbaia language. In the movie Nandu( Neil Nitin Mukesh) is called one shot Nandu because he can knock down his competing guy in a single shot that to blindfolded. Nandu and Pinky Palkar( Deepika Padukone) are residents of Tilakwadi. Nandu is a hired boxer who fights for money and wants to become like Anna (Kay Kay Menon) who is the right hand of goon Usmanbhai. While on an assignment Anna is killed and Nandu by mistake knocks over someone while driving the speedy car. That someone is none other than Pinky of the same locality who is a brilliant skate dancer. Due to the accident Pinky becomes visually challenged. Nandu wants to amend his mistake by helping Pinky in any way he can do. He teaches her how to see the world without eyes as he is a blindfolded fighter. He tries to sharp all her senses. When a television contest for talent hunt comes in the air Pinky badly wants to win and fulfil her ambition to become the best skate dancer. She forces Nandu to be her partner and dance with her. After a lot resistance Nandu who is falling in love with her finally gets the lessons from her and learns to dance well. Just before the competition day through a cop who is investigating the case, Pinky comes to know that Nandu is responsible for her blindness and decides to perform alone. At the last moment Nandu appears and they perform together and win the competition. After knowing how one shot Nandu left fighting just for her love, she forgives him and asks the cop to close the case against him. A happy ending.

Magnificent choreography of skate dancing by Sandro Guerra is seen in the movie. It inspires you how to fight all odds and achieve your goals. Good performance by Pinky (Deepika) with company of dashing Neil Nitin Mukesh. Music is ok.

You don’t get bored as the movie goes fast and a lot happens. It is definitely one time watch movie. I rate it 3 out of 5. One star especially for skate dancing.



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