Movie Review – Avatar 3D

Movie: Avatar (special edition-3D)
Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana
Writer and Director: James Cameron
Genre: sci-fi, thriller, action
Rating: 10/10

The most spectacular movie of all times that let you forget your real world and take you to the amazing world of Pandora. This movie can definitely explain the heights of imagination. While going to watch this movie you should be prepared to blow your mind as it is not just a movie, it is an unbelievable experience. I personally appreciate the efforts and imagination of James Cameron. The 3D edition of the movie is remarkable and revolutionary. He has managed to make us excited each and every second of the movie. The 3D technology used in this movie swoops you off your seat and take you to fictional world that seems much real. Avatar is surprisingly heartfelt.

The actress Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) who is blue skinned and golden eyes with a long hair tail performed very well. At first these faces looks ugly to anyone but as you proceed in the movie you fall in love with them. The actor in the movie is Sam Worthington looks wonderful with all his emotions in the eyes and the acting does some magic on us. An amazing surrounding with amazing creatures who can fly ,swim, run and walk and most importantly can be ruled by your mind by connecting their tails with yours. What a thought? Beautiful sceneries, majestic views and floating mountains with big blue creatures are enough to hold your breath. The storyline and the direction are worth of full appreciation. Before watching the movie turn your brain off and let your senses lead you.
Avatar movie tells you the timeless story of greed, immaturity and violence that arises due to ignorance. Pandora is an alien moon in the movie. A soldier who goes to Pandora to help a corporation that wants to mine and export expensive oil (called unobtainiun). The Na’vi are the alien who humanoid civilization that thrives on the planet. They are the part of a symbiotic living system that includes plants and animals which all are connected by an intricate biological communication network. The corporation wants to mine the planet and the Na’vi people fight for their homeland. A soldier who is sent for the mission and scientific experiment falls in love with one of the alien woman. Then there comes the Avtar. Avatars are the biological creatures made from human and alien DNAs and they are not self aware and controlled by the human from whose DNA it is made. The soldier controls the avtar that is made from his DNA(his brother’s). The avatarwins the trust of aliens and finds love, his mission clashes with his commitment and humane self. Thus the story goes and later convinced with what is right the avtar fights for the aliens and their homeland. After a breath stopping action fights between humans and aliens, the Na’vi get their homeland back.

It is an outstanding movie and I must say technically brilliant movie. A must watch in 3D in the biggest screen possible as it is a visual masterpiece and worth of the price of admission. All hats off to James Cameron and his team for their remarkable work that impressed millions of movie fans around the globe.



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