Move On

Somewhere down there we all feel that we need that special one , who takes care of us , who understands us , who listens to us deeply and guides and fights with us . So we have crushes, best friends, romantic flings, “serious” relationships etc. If we really like someone, we tend to get too involved with them. We find ways to be with them. Sooner or later, if we realise that it isn’t working, we feel ditched!

In today’s era, where everything is so paced fast, one should not mourn over relations which didn’t work out. Moving on, would be to do a good turn. It is flesh and blood to involve only heart when it comes to love, but one should also involve little brains and some logic while citing your love. One should always opt for a partner, who respects you for the way you are, accepts you the kind of person and values your characteristics and your background.

Gone are the days when people used to “sacrifice“ in love. In today’s modern era, it’s all about demands and wants on both the sides.

Hence, if you have been through a heartbreak, always be positive about it , as  they say “ Love has birth , growth , death and re-birth “. Here are some pointers which could help you move on.

Accepting and digesting the hard fact that it is all over would be the first and the foremost step. Take the break-up as a casual event in life and do not waste days and years and think over the same think repeatedly. It is very natural to for you to go through pain, sadness, anger, bitterness and jealously. Be with these feelings and you will see how to curb them because that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Anger and depression have the tendency to get fixed into your mind. This will always direct you to think about it. So, indulge into the activities which make you feel good. For instance , listen to music ( not the weeping types ), dance ( even if you are bad at it ) , meditate , go for walks , socialize, hangout with friends , read , become a movie buff and so on… Do the stuff which requires your complete focus and involvement.

This matters a lot. Choose people around you who understand you well and can support you. Hangout with your mates and pals, this won’t make you feel lonely. Whenever you find yourself to be a loner, don’t be with it that would make the situation only worse, talk to someone instead!

Analyse the factors which brought your relation down.  Learn from your mistakes, so that you don’t commit them in future. You can talk about this with someone you feel comfortable with, or you can think over this about yourself.

Many a times it so happens that the break up leaves you shattered and lowers your confidence.  You might think twice before you confide into someone. Your self-esteem decreases. There was this case that I witnessed where in the guy dumped the girl. And the girl thought that she was ditched because she was dark skinned. This lowered her self – confidence and there was a room created for poor perceptions about self. Therefore, no matter what value yourself! If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect others to value you?



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