Most Popular Apps for iPhone and iPod touch

There numerous application available for iPhone and other apple products and there are various types of them some of which are very popular amongst iPhone and iPod touch owners. Here are the top apps for iPhone.

Color Mail –
This web application allows the user to create a color styled email template. You can use this template in your iOS mail app to send colorful emails. You can create a colorful email from various templates by just tapping on it to choose a theme from the given ones. By using this app you can create colorful emails by just a few taps. This app can also be used on iPad.

4G Speed –
4G Speed is an Internet Speed Test and it was designed to measure Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, GPRS and EDGE. The average speed of your internet will be revealed after testing it.

Funny Pictures –
This app has numerous funny pictures for the iPhone and iPod touch categorized in over 15 different types. These categories include illusions, cool stuff, cartoons, Animals, Military, People, Signs, Sport, Vehicles and Weird. This

iTrailers –
This app is all about movie trailers and reviews. You can see the movie trailers and reviews at anytime of the day. The listing keeps getting updated so you can see the latest trailers.

Carbon Footprint Calculator –
Carbon footprint calculator is a simple application which gives you an estimate of how many trees are required to offset your carbon footprint. This is calculated on the miles you drive, your airline travel, your electricity usage, train travel, your natural gas usage, oil heating etc.

Gold Nuggets –
Gold Nugget is a game app which involves collecting gold nuggets of different sizes and values. There are also ore chunks mixed with the gold and you are not supposed to pick those. This is an interesting game once you play it.

Micro Bleach –
Micro bleach has over 400+ chapters. If you have Wi-Fi or 3G connection, you can enjoy this wherever you are. This app also has individual panel zooming, portrait and landscape mode.

Memory Vitamins Game –
This is a game app and one of the latest. This game has 3 levels of difficulty with great graphics. This game can be played by all ages and it is quite interesting.

Puck Billiards –
This is a simple billiards game with great graphics. You can flick a puck and score. Very simple game suitable for all ages

Hangman Haunting –
Hangman Haunting is a game application. In this game you can increase your creepy vocabulary.




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