Most Haunted Places in the world

There is something about fear that seems pleasant to many and disturbing to others. There numerous places around the world which have been possessed by their horrifying past and history. These places used to be homes of many people but today we call them, haunted places. Here are some of the most horrifying haunted places in the world.

Changi Beach, Singapore

Changi Beach located in Singapore, was basically a killing ground for the Japanese at the time of Sook Ching massacre during the World War 2. Thousands of Chinese men, women and children were tortured and killed on these grounds during that time. There have been reports of strange sounds of crying and screaming near this place. There have also been reports of dead bodies and headless bodies walking and flying around the beach. This is one of the scariest places you will ever see as ghosts leave blood stains behind.

Ohio University, Athens, America

Ohio University is well known in folklore state as it is the most haunted college campus in the world. Various places in the campus of this university are believed to be haunted and many tales and stories are told about this university. Wilson hall is known to be the most haunted place in the university, as a girl (a supposed witch) killed herself after writing satanic and evil things on the wall in her own blood. There are five cemeteries surrounding the campus which form a pentagram and the administrative building is the center of the sign. Washington hall is also famous for housing a basketball team whose all the players died in a horrifying crash whose ghosts still haunts the hall. The Ridges is an abandoned insane asylum that was known for thousands of lobotomies and electro shock treatments. It is said that one of the patients disappeared, and was found five weeks later, her body decomposed onto the floor and left a stain that outlined her body. This stain can still be seen today.

Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Screaming Tunnel located near Niagara Falls off Warner Road is a tunnel that’s situated under the railway tracks. This links Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York City. Nearly a hundred years ago, there was a farm house located to the south of the tunnel which caught fire. A young girl whose clothes were on fire ran from the house trying to get the fire extinguished towards the tunnel and into it. She fell and died on the tunnel floor. Another story says that the girl was raped inside the tunnel and burnt to cover the evidence. It is said that if you go in to the tunnel at midnight and light a match, the flame will go out and a girl’s scream will be heard.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in all of India. This is also the only place in the world which has actually been prohibited to stay at before sun rise and after sun set. It is said that this place was cursed by a black magic witch that all the people in the palace would die and spend all eternity without rebirth. All the houses in this area do not have roofs as when the roofs are constructed they collapse no matter what. Visitors of this place experience a lot of anxiety and restlessness and it is said that whoever has stay there for a night has never returned back.

Highgate Cemetery, North London, England

This place is without a doubt the most haunted place in all of England. It is said that by night you can see eerie crooked gravestones, headless angles covered in ivy, dark overgrown passages between the tombs. This place is also the burial place of Karl Marx.





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