Most Common Annoying things about Websites that you should avoid

There are so many of them out there that annoy the heck out of us and they don’t seem to notice that their websites are not getting good traffic because of simple things that could be taken care of in no time. Many a times it happens that I visit a website to read about something but I get information about something else and things like advertisements, music, flashes etc make me want to break the screen.  Here are some of the things you should avoid while making a website.

Music: There are websites that as soon as you open their page, they start playing music or a song. This is unexpected and annoying.  Imagine you are sitting in quiet and browsing the web about something. You open a page and suddenly “BOOM” the music starts. Honestly that’s not cool and I would just want to get out of that website immediately, unless I like the song.

Flash: Flash websites take a long time to load and they are meant for entertainment and not for information. If someone enters your website hoping to get some information on a particular topic and he/she sees all these images and no content he is just going go to click back. So keep it simple and informative.

Pop-ups: You enter a website and everything suddenly becomes dark and some random thing opens in front of the screen. What pop-up advertisements tell the viewers is that you only care about selling something instead of giving the viewers a good experience. So just stop using pop-ups no matter how effective they are.

Walking Ads: Another form of advertisements on websites are the walking ads which are even worse and more annoying than Pop-ups.

Confusing Contact Pages: The contact forms that lead the user to email programs and subscriptions are completely useless. Instead taking so long and confusing you should just get to business right away and give the information.

Colored background: The worst thing about a website for the reader is a colored background. It is impossible to read properly when the background is of colors such as red, black, green etc. So keep it simple and white.

Small Fonts: The size of the fonts are very important and small and tiny text annoys the readers because it becomes difficult for them to read.

Search function: Most of the websites that we see do not have a proper easy to find search function and when you search for something you get completely irrelevant results. If a reader is looking for a particular topic in your website, he/she should be able to find it by searching for a particular keyword.

Social sharing: keep the Social sharing buttons easy to access and close to the content. This way it will be easier for the user to share something on a particular social media network.



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