Microsoft to ‘Go-Green’!

MicrosoftMicrosoft has taken a step towards positive change by keeping a check on its carbon footprints.  According to a study conducted by the Greenpeace organization, over the years, Microsoft has been using energy excessively for its cloud computing operations. As a gesture of eco-friendliness, all Microsoft Data centers will switch over to becoming Carbon Neutral through its operations.

From the next financial year, 2013, all of its data centers, office buildings and labs will be revamped to make economical use of energy resources. Microsoft will be adapting a new way of managing natural resources and focus on purchasing renewable source of energy. Some individual data centers consume more energy than that of its counterparts. Efforts to optimize use of natural resources will contribute greatly to the environment.

 A report on the carbon footprints left behind by each of its operational data center, will help to cut down on the uncontrolled use of energy.  Microsoft has already turned its operations to an eco-friendly mode by implementing software solutions to curb the utilization costs of resources. This change will be of immense motivation for other companies who haven’t yet taken any initiative in this regard.

Effective resource utilization has become the need of the hour. With giant software concerns pulling in more energy and other resources, safeguarding the environment has become more of a concern. By using carbon offsets and renewable energy, Microsoft will contribute to the ‘Go-Green’ initiative to a great extent.



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