Message from beyond the Grave: Facebook ‘If I die’ app

New Facebook application allows the user to send a message to friends and family after death. It sounds quite interesting; if you die, what will be your last status update?

If I die app was an idea by an Israeli company that produces ‘time capsule’ products for Facebook that is most popular social networking website. In this app you must choose three trustees (people in your friend list) upon whose confirmation of your death, the appointed message by you will be posted on your wall.

Through this new Facebook application you can also post a video on your wall. The makers and developers of if I die app recommend the users to share personal testimonies or secrets that they want to reveal after they have passed away.

It is true that this app seems a little strange but it can also help many people to get a little peace of mind when their loved ones or close friends pass away. Death is a sensitive subject but the website and its services have a humorous slant which reduces the sensitivity of the subject.

What do you think of this new if I die app on Facebook?




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