Mandwa and Kihim twin Beaches

Mandwa beach and Kihim beach are located at about 18 km to the north of Alibag. These twin beaches of Mandwa and Kihim are quite secluded and most of the time you do not see anyone there. Mandwa beach provides a beautiful view of the bay up to the Gateway of India on a clear sunny day.

mandwa-kihim-beachMandwa and Kihim beaches are one of the best sea side destinations in all of Maharashtra as they have that incredible tropical atmosphere which is mostly created because of the clear blue water, stretch of white sand and the beautiful coconut palm trees all over the place.  These beaches are very close to Mumbai and easily accessible from there as well as from Pune. Mandwa and Kihim twin beaches are considered as two of the most beaches around Mumbai and Pune. Some of the things that make these beaches so attractive besides what we mentioned before include the wild flowers, green vegetation, rare butterflies and exotic birds.

One of the main attractions of Mandwa beach is the Kobala Fort which is located near this beach where you will see historic palaces from the Portuguese time and Buddhist Caves.

Accommodation: –
These two beaches are the perfect get away from the city especially for people of Mumbai and Pune if they do not want to be too far away from home.  There are many guest houses and beach resorts at Mandwa and Kihim beaches where you can book a room and stay over for as long as you want. These accommodation services are of different qualities and prices and they suit almost everyone’s budget for a small vacation out of town.

How to get there: –

  • Mumbai airport at a distance of 136 km
  • Pune airport at a distance of 108 km
  • Panvel is the nearest railway station
  • Mandwa and Kihim beaches are easily accessible by road other parts of Maharashtra
  • By sea: the nearest port is at a distance of 6 km, Rewas Port


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