Manache (Revered) 5 Ganpati of Pune

manaache-5Our well-known freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak with an intention to bring peace and harmony among the citizens of India, transformed the household Ganesh Chaturthi into a Sarvajanik (public) festival. It is now more than 10 decades the festival is still celebrated with gusto especially in Maharashtra. Pune, the city with rich cultural heritage contributes significantly in the celebration of this 10 day traditional event. To know the true essence of Ganesh Utsav, a visit to Pune is must during this vibrant occasion. There are numerous Ganesh Pandals in Pune but the Manache (Revered) 5 Ganpati are timely honored and have great significance during Ganesh Festival. Some of the Ganesh idols out of these 5 were present right before the inception of the Public Ganesh Festival. They are given foremost preference during the immersion process. Only after the immersion of these 5 Ganesh idols, the other pandals proceed with their procession.

Here are is the list of first 5 honored Ganpati pandals of Pune:

First- Kasba Ganpati:
kasbaEstablished in 1893, Kasba Ganpati is the first honored Ganpati of Pune. It is said that the idol was first found near Vinayak Thakar’s house, close to the residence of Jijabai, Shivaji’s mother. The temple was later built by Jijabai. As Kasba Ganpati is known as the Gramdevat, Lokmanya Tilak decided to give this Ganpati, the privilege to lead the immersion process. The idol is placed in a silver paalkhi (palanquin) during the immersion process. The pandal organizes various cultural programs like bhajans, satsang, dance and singing competition during this 10 days fest. It is located in Kasba Peth.

Second- Tambdi Jogeshwari:
tambdi-jogeshwariThe second most prestigious Ganpati of Pune, Tambdi Jogeshwari is said to be a self-originated Ganpati idol. The temple around the idol was built by Trimbak Bendre. It was established in 1893. The specialty of the Ganesh idol is that it resembles the African elephants. During the Ganesh festival, various social events are organized. Unlike other pandals, the Ganesh idol is immersed every year and a new idol is created. The idol is always kept in the silver paalkhi. It is also known as the gram deivat (village deity). The temple is present in the heart of the city in Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune.

Third- Guruji Taalim:
guruji-taalimManacha Tisra or the third honored Ganpati of Pune, Guruji Taalim existed in 1887, much before the initiation of Ganesh Utsav. It is said to be the first pandal in Pune to spread the communal harmony as the pandal was started by two Hindu and two Muslim families. Normally the fund for the festival is collected by the members of the pandal themselves. One of the attractive features of this Ganpati is that the idol is adorned with gold ornaments like gold teeth, gold ears, gold crown etc. The Ganpati is sitting on a rat which makes it look adorable. The pandal is located in Ganpati Chowk on Laxmi Road.

Fourth- Tulshibaug Ganpati:
tulshibaugEstablished in 1901, Tulshibaug Ganpati is an old and famous Ganpati pandal in Pune. It is the fourth revered Ganpati. The 15 feet idol decorated with silver ornaments looks divine and eye-catchy. It is the first idol made up of fiberglass. The idol is present in the famous shopping market of Pune, Tulshibaug near Laxmi Road.

Fifth- Kesariwada Ganpati:
kesariwadaThe man who introduced this famous public festival, Lokmanya Tilak had established this pandal in 1893. It is the fifth honored Ganesh pandal. To keep the values of this freedom fighter alive, the trust organizes various cultural and social programs during the Ganesh festival. Many eminent personalities also participate in the events. You can see a Tilak statue made up of brass behind the Ganpati idol. There is also a beautiful painting that portrays Tilak’s biography which is present in the backdrop. The pandal is located in Narayan Peth, Tilakwada.

Procession of these 5 pandals:
ganpati-processionThe first day and the last day of festival are filled with enthusiasm and zest. The procession is crammed with devotees. The route from which the procession passes is decorated with huge rangoli designs and flowers. Famous dhol-tasha troupes perform during the procession. It is breath-taking to hear the beats of the dhol-tasha. Schools and club members perform cultural acts like Lezim, folk dance etc. during the procession on road. The five Ganpati pandals are lined chronologically during the immersion process. The chariots on which the Ganpati idols are placed are adorned with striking decoration. Each pandal has various troupes who perform for them.

The Ganpati festival in Pune is just eye-pleasing. Every year people eagerly wait to welcome their beloved god and during the last day, all the devotees’ eyes are filled with tears. This is what the influence of Ganesh Utsav is in Pune.



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