Long Lasting Battery Charge for your Smartphone!

When solid fuel cell membrane is deposited onto a silicon wafer the result is nothing but extended hours of battery life. This is the underlying technology of the latest portable fuel cell used to charge smartphones. The fuel cell device is embedded with fluid-filled cartridge, which is just about the size of a cigarette lighter.


This fuel cell can charge almost any gadget that comes with an USB cable.  From smartphones, MP3 players to digital cameras, the Brookstone’s portable fuel cell charger can give an extended battery life to any kind of device. The best part is yet to come; the fuel cell cartridges can be used to charge smartphones for almost 10-14 times. From travelers to college-goers, this will come in handy at all times. The fuel cell, to be sold under the brand name-Brookstone, is eco- friendly as well since it can be recycled.

The butane filled cartridges and fuel cell device can be purchased online. The price of this fuel cell charger is yet to be officially declared. Tech-freaks have their eyes glued on for any clue on its price tag. Sources claim it may range somewhere around $ 100 to $ 200.

Designed to pull attention for its catchy look and feel, this breakthrough from the Lilliputian System Lab is definitely here to stay.



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