Liar Liar!

“How dare you lie to me!” If you have been hearing this for quite some time then it’s high time to see a psychiatrist. “PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA“(Latin phrase meaning uncontrollable lying) is a behavior whereby a person resorts to lies very often. Also termed as “Pathological lying” or “Mythomania”, a person tends to lie on regular basis without realizing the negative consequences. Pathological lying is compulsive in nature that takes over rational thinking and is a symptom of mental illness.

A controlled lie which is said after a certain level of thoughtfulness will have some beneficial impacts unlike pathological lying characterized by uncontrolled concealing of truth. Borderline personality disorder and false memory syndrome are associated with pseudologia fantastica. At times people lie since they benefit from it or simply to gain attention. Pathological lying is an addiction whereby a person has no personal gain but still cannot refrain from doing so.

Pathological lying may occur due to reasons like genetic components, dysfunctional or insecure childhood, dyslexia, mental retardation, over parental protection, impulse control dysfunction or other type of cerebral dysfunction. Lying is also a sign of low self esteem which makes an individual knit a web of lies around himself that gives a boost to his self esteem. To make up for lack of knowledge, cover up embarrassment, avoid confrontations are other reasons often seen in pathological lying which are by and far linked emotionally.

Body language of person acts as a Lie-O-Meter. A slight change in the body language is enough to get you caught in the act. Avoiding eye contact, reduced speech rate, sheepish smile, taking frequent pauses and lack of head movement are some signs of lying! Medication and psychotherapy are the most common treatments for this mental disorder.

When this power of truth is established with you, then even in dream you will never tell an untruth. You will be true in thought, word and deed. Whatever you say will be truth. You may say to man, “Be blessed”, and that man will be blessed. If a man is diseased and you say to him, “Be thou cure”, he will be cured immediately.
                                                                                                                                                                    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Try to realize the immense power of truth with these words of wisdom. At the end a good state of mind that is devoid of any ill thinking will make a person resort to truth always. Dumping fear and unwanted thinking is the best solution. Though speaking the truth will put you through ups and downs, it will help you develop a strong state of mind. Speak the truth-atleast you don’t have to strain your brain to recall the lie you said!



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