With a whole lot of streaming of Ultra and Super ultra books in the market, there surely seems to be a tough competition. And standing nowhere less is the Lenovo Ideapad U410, which comes with the latest intel core processor, offering you with a choice of either opting for a range of SSD’s or going for up to 500 GB hard drive storage. The U410 is a rather more chunkier creation than the other Lenovo ultrabooks by weighing at 1.9 kg and 20.3 mm thickness, which makes it really light to hold and carry it wherever and whenever according to your convenience.  That all comes down to the addition of a dedicated GeForce 610 1GB graphics system in the U410.

This ultrabook of Lenovo comes in a pretty array of pretty, attractive and funky colours like Aqua Blue, Cherry Blossom, Graphite Gray, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Spearmint all on the agenda.  The keyboard and chassis come in a very gratuitously designed in a Mac alike look version. This comes as a surprise from Lenovo is this is one different design as compared to its other ultrabooks released before U41O. As you’d expect from an Ultrabook, there’ll also be fast resume and up to eight hours of battery life. This feature of this amazing laptop makes it long lasting and could encourage you to keep working without worrying much about its battery life for a long time. It sports the look of an all aluminum book cover stylish and thin body which would capture your heart and look appealing to your eyes in the first sight itself. This thin and light ultrabook seems to be the delightful answer to sport and possess  high features for daily and outdoor business use with good mobility which includes 500GB SATA hard drive, standard backlit keyboard, media card reader, 1GB graphics memory, WLAN and Bluetooth connection. The reason why this laptop had become popular and why many people had no problem opting for it was due to the simple fact that because of its 14inch display screen, the laptop was less exhausting to the eyes. Also, this laptop can be maintained easily for a pretty long time and thus retains its compactness and durability for an affordable period of time, unlike other laptops which reduce in performance and degrade in their look and compactness of the laptop structure. What’s more, the gain in thickness really isn’t that noticeable, and even if it were, it is not really minded much by the folks as given the affordable price and addition of an SD slot. Even the step down in materials isn’t that big a demotion. The palm rest, made of a plastic-glass fiber blend, still feels surprisingly solid, though when you hear of it being made of plastic glass fibre might sound very feeble, trust me it is not. This ultrabook surely is a charm and pride of Lenovo.



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