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Some develop it for professional outcomes, whereas for the rest, Gardening remains to be an attractive activity one could venture out in or probably develop as a hobby. If you’re a beginner and would like to delve into learning the art of gardening, you’re at the right place. Before beginning, you need to be sure of the kind of attention and dedication you can spare out for this task as a negligent attitude is frustrating for both, you and the plants.

Starting off, pick an appropriate space for your garden, which is a result of a cohesive bond between the soil, air and light. Any area over a square foot is good enough for you to start, although do not plan to garden out a large section of space as that would require a lot more from you and is not the right step ahead for beginners. This is to be followed with a check of the soil quality of your area as this greatly determines the kind of plant you can cultivate on the land. Moving ahead without prior information about the texture of the soil can lead you into trouble and produce nothing after your ideal investment of time, effort and money.

Moving on, get the seeds. Online convenience allows us to now order them online, although if one has a prior knowledge about seeds, then you can pick your seeds yourself with proper scrutiny. Properly stored seeds can bear a plant at any time but if the seeds you opt for were not properly stored, the plant fails. Also, seeds of certain strains like those of the allium family do not survive for long when stored.

Once you are ready with your seeds, the next step is to prepare the soil. Various mixes are available out there to enrich your soil with all the vitalities required, hence research and pick the right mix for you or even prepare one if you’re confident enough of its ability to produce. Ensure you’ve the aeration and irrigation sorted out before you sow the seeds. Ignoring this could land you severe trouble later with probably no result! Once the soil is ready, go ahead and sow the seeds properly and affectionately of course.

Once the seeds sprout, they start growing and all you got to do through this phase is to provide utmost care and nourishment for your plant as that ensures their chances of a better a produce. Various planting techniques like crop rotation, successive planting, mixed cropping etc. provide you with an option to reap the exact kind of produce you want and also keeps the soil’s potency intact for a longer stretch of time. Also, take note of eradicating any uninvited guests like weeds, birds or even children from spoiling your crop. Given the proper time and nourishment it seeks, you’ll see the results in few days and once the required cycle meets its end, you’re ready to harvest or flaunt the beautiful flowers you’ve made to blossom.



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