Leap Motion unveils the super-accurate motion control technology

Leap Motion has unveiled its motion control technology giving users a super accurate control by just using their finger tips. This new device by motion is called as “Leap” and the company claims that it has 200 more time accuracy than the existing control technologies.

Leap is a small device almost the same size of a pack of gum and it can get connected to computer devices via USB. Once it is connected it creates a four cubic foot virtual workspace within which it tracks all ten fingers simultaneously to within 1/100 of a millimeter. The level of accuracy in this device allows the user to use different finger movements such as pinch for zooming and other complex actions for controlling 3D objects.

Motion Leap claims that the device can be embedded to any device with a computer ranging from phones to desktops, laptops and even refrigerators and Televisions. Users can also chain more than one Leap devices in order to get a bigger space.

Leap Motion has created a Software Development Kit (SDK) especially for developers so that they can create and develop applications that are capable of working with the Leap. This means that leap can have quite a vast variety of applications including navigating a computer, designing, new style of Gaming and many more. Leap’s  price has been specified at $70 and it is available for pre-order now.




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