Do you know: What is ‘X’ in Xmas? Why there is Christmas tree on Christmas?

Christmas is one winter festival that is celebrated with immense joy and delight all over the world. Santa Claus, Christmas tree, colorful decorations, Christmas carols, lavish festive meals are all part of this grand event but have you ever tried to find out interesting stories about Christmas. Though we rejoice this festival with high spirits, there are certain facts about this occasion which are still unknown to some people. Christmas has a sacred and long history behind it.merry-xmas Apart from rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is also known as an occasion to welcome the winter season which was perhaps celebrated even before the Christ birth. There are various facts about Christmas which is quite interesting to explore and to know about. In this article we will reveal two such elements which are very closely related to the celebration but the history behind it is probably unheard to many.

What does ‘X’ indicate in Xmas?
xmasHave you ever thought that why Xmas is never found in any songbooks of Church or in any Christmas carol? Xmas is hardly ever used to greet each other or even in greeting cards? Let us first clear the myth about this word, Xmas is not an offensive or a non-religious term used instead of Christmas. In fact after knowing the history behind the emergence of this word, you may perceive that it is more respectable and sacred term. Long long ago, somewhere around mid 1500s, Xmas first came into picture. Xmas has derived from the Greek culture. The letter X in German language basically denotes ‘chi’ while Χριστός means Christ in this language. This replacement has been accepted all over the world for more than centuries together. Hence Christmas and Xmas are equivalent. The ‘mas’ part remained the same in both the terms as it is derived from the old English word ‘mass’. The shorthand idea sooner or later spread as a non-religious term due some profane documents that had instances of Xine which was commonly used term indicating Christine, name of some person.

Why there is Christmas tree on Christmas?
fir-treeFor thousands of years, the evergreen fir tree has been traditionally used to celebrate the festival Christmas. In fact the trees were used even before the Christ Birth. Before fir tree, in many parts of Northern Europe, cherry or hawthorn plants were brought during the Christmas time. The modern Christmas tree actually appeared during the 1500. The first ornamented Christmas tree was seen in Riga, Latvia in the year 1510. There is also a cute legendary story about Christmas tree, once on a chilly Christmas Eve night, a small poor boy knocked at the door of a forester, when the forester opened the door, he saw this boy who was standing all alone. Later the family took the boy inside the house fed him, and then putted him bed. Next day was the Christmas day, the forester’s family woke up with the sound of choir of angels and the little boy was turned into Jesus Christ. The little boy went in the garden, in front of the home and broke a small branch of the fir tree and presented it to the family as a token of their gesture. Since then it is said that Christmas is celebrated by bringing home the Fir tree.

These unknown facts about Christmas are really fascinating and it would certainly add more charm to your celebration when you share these attention-grabbing stories with your family and friends.



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