Journalist-Directs the growth or decline of the Society

We have often heard the phrase that “pen is mightier than the sword”, it fits perfectly in a journalist’s life. Journalism is the most upcoming profession that attracts most of the youth today; some because of the impression that it is very glamorous and the other because they think they can change the world through this medium.

However, even though the two reasons are partially true, they are not absolutely true. One might appear to be glamorous only for the time when he/she appears on the screen but apart from that glamour is not what makes the big and famous journalist; it is there way of dealing with news and portraying it in front of their audience. And arguing on the second reason, journalism does not give a person the right to change the world; instead they have the right to influence the thinking of an individual, which in-return might change the functioning of the society.

The only type of journalism that most people associate with is the main stream news journalism whether print or broadcast. But in reality there are number of other beats in the world of journalism and the opportunities increase further because of the three medium; Print, Broadcast, Web and Radio. Some of the famous beats are as follows:

News journalism: This is the primary and most famous beat. It involves presenting daily news items which are of relevance to a common man. It includes political news, public movements, important cultural news and anything else that has an impact on the lives of the citizens of the country.

Investigative journalism: In this particular beat, a journalist works for months and years together in complete desolation to be able to unearth a fact, scandal or a case that is otherwise unknown to people.

Sports journalism: This is a beat that a lot of upcoming journalists are fond of but the only way one can flourish in this field is when the person has thorough knowledge of the sport that he/she is covering. It requires a lot of expertise.

Business and finance journalism:
Just like Sports journalism, even this field requires a lot of expertise about the stock market, and the business world, launch of new products and much more. This is one beat that requires a lot of analysis.

Celebrity journalism: As the name suggests this beat connects the public with their stars. It gives an insight into the lives of the celebrities.

Fashion journalism: This field is all about reports and articles on the fashion industry. The primary job is to cover the most happening in the fashion business or develop lifestyle articles.

Citizen journalism: One does not need to be a professional journalist to pursue this field. Any common citizen of the country can report about the basic things like the municipality issues, etc.

Apart from these beats, a few more fields are Environmental journalism, Column writing and Feature writing. Columns are often written by some famous personalities who have gathered a lot of fame and experience in the society and the world. Whereas, Feature writing is about the softer issues or human interest stories that directly affect and have been influenced by a common man’s life.

Journalism if the most noble profession, that directs the growth and decline of a society, nation and world. Therefore, if considered in this respect, a journalist has the right to change the world.



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