Jobs In Advertising

The advertising industry is one of the most powerful industries in the modern times because of its power to influence the masses. Due to liberalization and ever changing trends in the society, this has already established itself as a lucrative career choice. It is the apt arena for creative people who can think on their toes even when put under pressure. Although a career in advertising may seem exciting and glamorous, it is challenging at the same time. Here some of the career options if you’re interested in a career in this field.

  • Account Manager/Account planning

An account manager acts as a link between the advertising agency and the company. It is his job to ensure that the agency finds it profitable and the customer is satisfied. He should be well versed with the client’s background, market history and must have an overall idea of the different aspects in advertising i.e. – from creative to technical.

  •  Creative/ Art director

A creative director or an art director is responsible for all creative and innovative ideas in order to advertise and market the product. After a meeting with the client and a thorough study of what he wants, the creative director has to lead the copywriters and the technical personnel into how to move about. He must give them appropriate guidelines and ensure that their work I moving in the right direction.

  •  Writer/Copywriter

The writer or the copywriter is in charge for the written matter or content going into the advertisement and thus works in the creative department with the creative director. They have to be able to generate innovative and out-of-the-box ideas and present them in a way that appeals to the audience. They may have to come up with jingles, dialogues, taglines etc.

  • Technical /Computing

This falls under the production aspect. There are two types to this. One is print advertising and the other is broadcast advertising. People working under print design need to design slogans and advertisement t campaign for the newspapers , magazines.etc like graphic designers , editors etc

Broadcast advertising focuses on advertisements that appear on the television and radio. Here they have to be little more careful because of its visible appearance eg- photographers,videographers,sound editors Etc.

  •  Advertising Media Planner

The job of an advertising media planner is to make sure that your message reaches the target audience at the lowest possible cost. It is necessary for a media planner to analyze and study people’s viewing and reading  habits, media mediums, information sources etc.

  •  Researcher

A market researcher is one who analyses and studies the characteristics of tone particular sector they have targeted. They have to undertake detailed and intrinsic research efforts to ensure that what we serve is EXACTLY what the customer wants.




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