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Podar International School, Santa Cruz, instructed all its students to purchase an iPads as it is necessary for conducting their lectures and to impart education. Vandana Lulla, the school principal, issued a notice last week, claiming the final decision of the management committee to use the Apple iPad 2 in the class rooms has been welcomed by parents of the students.

The decision has not been accepted by some of the parents. Some of the parents feel that the change is quite impractical and it can hamper the growth of the students. In the circular issued by the principal, it is mentioned that they can purchase the iPad 2 from the school on an outright basis or avail of a financial scheme on offer. In case the parents would like to purchase iPad on their own they should inform the school in advance.

One of the parents of class II student has mentioned “there has not been any consensus on the issue among the parents. I am against the whole idea as it will hamper, rather than aid a kid’s education. I would prefer my kid to learn and write using traditional methods, instead of exposing him to advanced gadgets at a tender age. As a matter of fact, the school has a great information and technology infrastructure that is sufficient to upgrade a student’s skills.”

Said another parent “I will shift my kid to a different school as it is purely a money making racket. It is an irrational decision as examinations will be conducted using the conventional format.” while some of the parents do not have any issues with the circular. However it has been assured by the principal that iPad will not be misused by the students in any manner.

“The school began this project by keeping ten teachers under the training courses. A research was conducted and results were shared with the parents, most of whom agreed with the new technique. However the classes will not entirely be based on the iPads.” Lulla said.

Schools are developing according to the times and the technology. This will bring a lot of change to the classrooms and the techniques used by the teachers.  This can also have an adverse effect on the students even though it can improve their communication skills.

“Teacher-student bonding is the best method of education, everything else is an accessory. Students remember schools for the personal interaction they have had with teachers and colleagues. ” – Dr Harish Shetty



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