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Many times it so has happened and it is going to keep happening that you are on the internet and you just don’t know what to do. Even though it may seem impossible with the enormous world of internet, people get bored on the internet or they just run out of ideas on what to do online. Sometimes the everyday routine which involves checking your emails, Facebook account and chatting becomes quite boring. But you should know that there are plenty of interesting and fun stuff that you can do when you are bored on the internet. Here is a list of all cool things to do online:-


You can join a social group of gamers and send invitations to other players and play online games with them. There various interesting games online which you can play and during this process you can meet various interesting people too. If you do not want to play online games you can always find out what are the good video games by reading some game reviews and purchase them. You can later on install these games on your computer and play when you are bored.


Next time you are bored on the internet you can search for anything that you want to know about and you will find information about it on various websites such as Wikipedia. You can also volunteer to write for them if you like to write some articles that is if you are interested in writing.

Audio Books

You should surly opt for audio books and their reviews. This is quite enjoyable and at the same time you can update your knowledge on the latest authors and their stories. This is also a good choice for those who do not get enough time to read books.

Learn new things and talents

There are numerous things that you can learn on the internet. Many websites online offer the user courses and articles that can help the user improve his skills and talents. Some of the fun stuff to do online when bored includes learning how to fix things, play an instrument, drawing, photography, dancing and many more.

World Events

You can also read news and world affairs when you are bored online. Try not to focus on what is happening in your own area but try figure out what is going on with other parts of the world. Learn what events take place all around the world.

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