Interactive New Year Resolution Map from Google

Resolutions are no more meant to be broken. Now you can share your New Year resolutions with people all around the world with the Google Resolution Map. Google have once again come up with an attention-grabbing page called as the Google Zeitgeist Resolution page where people around the globe can post their New Year resolutions. Google has introduced this novel map, in order to lend a hand to the people to achieve their goals by sharing it online.


 Features of the Google Zeitgeist Resolution Map:

  • It is a zoomable map which has different categories represented by colorful dots like red, blue, green, pink etc.
  •  As you move the cursor, the colorful dots pop out and display the resolutions posted by people of different countries.
  • The resolutions are categorized as Love, Health, Career, Finance, education, Do Good, Family and Other.
  • The resolutions are automatically translated into English by the Google Translator for reading purpose.
  •  You can add your resolution simply by entering your goal, postal code and the country name asked by the Google page. The resolution is posted on the page within time span of 24 to 48 hours.

The most targeted categories are love and health. Some of the postings are planned saving money, Work less, earn more, get engaged, get fit and the resolutions go on. This is the best medium to share your resolutions and get motivated.






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