Important Camping Tips

Camping is a recreational activity that requires a lot of equipments to make it a success. The bags have to be packed well so that all the essential items are available at the time of need. Most of us have this question in mind – “What to take” and “What not to take”. For all those first time goers who are greatly inspired by Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series number 7, “Five go camping” – here are some essential tips that you should keep in mind.


  • Tent – The most essential item of all. The tent should not be too small that you are unable to sleep comfortably. The leg space and the head space should be just fine. And it should have proper ventilation and have enough of windows and vents. A tarp has to be placed on the ground beneath the tent to prevent the moisture from accumulating. Also, the tent should spacious enough such that when you sleep at night you should have some distance between the tent walls. For when it rains, and you are in constant contact, it tends to make a hole and there would be leakage problem.
  • Sleeping bags – The sleeping bags should be thickly padded for however hot it might be during the day time, it gets really cold at night. And if you don’t want to make camping a daily weekend practice, then it is worthless investing behind costly sleeping bags.
  • Chairs – Foldable and portable chairs are a must for you need to feel comfortable as you sit in front of the bonfire and roast marsh mellows. At times at night, plenty of insects tend to crawl on the bare ground so safety comes first. Guitars also come handy, for it is a source of entertainment at night in front of the bonfire.
  • Multi-purpose tool – We get to buy the 3 in 1 tools in the market that consist of a hammer, axe and saw. It is really useful in cutting twigs and logs; also comes handy in pushing the tent stakes inside the ground.

 We get another kind of tool that contains smaller tools like scissors (to cut), tweezers (to pluck something like ticks, glasses etc), knife (an essential tool for cooking, opening etc) and many more.

  • Flip flops – These are very useful and handy and the best part it is waterproof and cheap. So even if you lose it, it will not be much of a loss. Carry extra pairs; for, the existing pair might tear. These really come handy as it is easy to wear. So in the middle of the night whenever nature calls, you can easily slip on to it and go.
  • Hand Sanitizer – It is the best way to disinfect your hands in places where fresh water is scarce. It is easy and quick.
  • Insect Repellent – It is a necessary item, for there are plenty of poisonous insects in the toil waiting for an opportunity to harm you.
  • Flash lights, extra batteries, match box – It is always good to keep an extra pair with you, as it comes handy in the hours of crisis.
  • Travel Pillow – Normal use pillows tend to get sticky during humid weathers, so the travel pillow has this protective coating that prevents moisture from accumulating on it. It also has the inflated bladder which can be adjusted in accordance to your comfort. It is portable and can be deflated and folded in the smallest form possible.



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