Impact of Video games on youth

Today video games have become quite a known mode of media entertainment among the young as well as the old generation. It comprises of all the things we do in our daily life. Right from educational to playing on them, they have been around us. Homes with young children are quite familiar with the impact of video games on youth. They have negative as well as positive effects. But the bad points supersede the good ones, so, we may emphasize less on the latter.

Violence based video games make children more impatient and of aggressive natures. An exposure to violent media can elevate aggressive feelings and thoughts, especially in children making them aggressive and hostile. Thus, negative games negative impacts. Time spent on video games is the time that the child ignores for doing some constructive work. Parents are negligible and do not keep a count on hours their child spends playing video games. In the surveys done across the globe, facts have been proved that boys spend more time on playing video games in comparison to the time spent by girls.

A Television is considered to be an idiot box, but the high usage of video games on any modes is transforming its name as the new dumb box. The statement is not to stop kids from playing video games but to keep a check on the hours. Adopt anything and excel in it, but doing something non-fruitful in excess leads you to the edge. Children end up losing their eye-sight as the rays from the screen fall directly on the retina for hours together thereby leaving the eyes strained. The minds of the kids get diverted from academics and sports to something completely unrealistic. Having fun is a different issue but changing your lifestyle for ‘that particular fun’ is like dipping your shoes in water to clean them right before they are worn. They are young minds, let them not change. Video games which are fun and decent are recommended. They let your child grow as per his/her age.

With new technologies flowing in, the level of video games has been upgraded. The play station is an addictive source of unit that keeps a child deprived from his/her daily routine. You, as a parent or one of those kids may not realize this now but later when you come into your senses. This may all seem very normal to you, but it surely has its abnormal effects. Science has proved the facts regarding this issue where excessive use of video games lead to the dysfunction in the growth of a youth. It hampers the well-being of a person. These things are not just mere WORDS to scare you; they have been proved over time to time.  Anyways, the final thingy is to keep a check on what your kid plays and for how long he plays. Encourage them to play more physically and less mentally, cos the mental power is supposed to be utilized on academics and not on any upcoming dumb box.



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