Ideas for Self Improvement

“For me, there is a lot of room for improvement and there are a lot of things I would like to be better at.” –Geddy Lee

The world is changing. We want to become someone better than what we are now. But often we stay stagnant and look for the ways of improvement in our life. Don’t worry, we will give you some grand ideas to help you improve yourself and become the fantasy which you see as your reflection.

  •  The Self is the representation of one’s identity and every character in this universe is wonderfully unique in its own way. But somewhere inside our brains, we develop a lust of becoming a greater self which is somebody else. In the path of transformation we get lost and crash lands into a darker place of sadness. The interpretation of “The Self” is you. You cannot be somebody else and nobody can be you. Trying to becoming somebody is fruitless. Learning from somebody is valuable. So be as you are and learn from the people you would love to become. Always being you will make you better. The real improvement starts within you.
  •  The Love of soul, your own soul is a necessity for your heart. If you do not love yourself then it is utter stupidity, wandering, to find it outside. Start loving yourself today. This helps in boosting the confidence and having a positive approach in life. And the best part, you’ll smile more and everybody will love you.
  •  Do new. Learn something new. It may be a new language, new hobby or a new course. Doing new things keeps our life moving and removes monotony. It broadens the creativity of our mind and takes our life to a new level. And of course then you can flaunt your new abilities and feel happy about it.
  •  Kill thy jitters. Fear is deadly and stops you from moving ahead. It makes you feel that you can’t do the thing which you really want to do. Be it speaking with somebody or singing in the public, fear leaps inside you and restricts you. Seriously kill it. Forget about the results and just do it. You will never know until you try.
  •  The body. The body is what you see at your first sight. With good body comes good impression. Forget about all the beauty quotes, looking good really matters in our time. So exercise, go running and be healthy. When you’ll look good, automatically you’ll feel good about yourself.
  •  Look for inspiration. We are surrounded by inspiring minds that can inspire us to become great like them. Read the unforgettable quotes written by them and learn about their lives. Also inspiration can be found even in the smallest things like ant.
  •  Start writing. Start a journal and write anything you want. Your problems, the things you like and dislike. Delve into it and create your own magical world. Then think for the solutions. You’ll find your way.
  •  Accept the things which you can’t do. Nothing is impossible but sometimes there appear few things which are not our cup of tea. Accept that you are not made to do that and move on instead of crying for it.
  •  Identify the weak spots in you and work on them. Ponder about your strengths and weaknesses and find how you can end your weaknesses. If not then take help from somebody.
  •  Neglect negativity. Stay away from negative people who can only make things worse for you. Adapt positive bonding which will make you positive in life.

Life in itself is an inspiration to be better. Self improvement is all about you and what you can do for you. So keep smiling to live better!




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  1. prodip kumar sahoo says:

    Really it is admirable, I am aware of it and followed too. I helps me to remind my practice.

    • @prodip..Every one knows their weaknesses deep inside them, yet they stand back. You have to fight with it and remember sincerity is always the key.

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