Ideas for Interior Designing with Waste

What do you do when you’re on a low budget but you want to unleash your creativity, Eco friendly or love to constantly redecorate? Your answer is upcycling. Upcycling is the process of using trash and waste materials to make new products.Some of the ways in which you can use normal day to day trash and convert them into usable and decorative items are:-


  •  Wine bottles cut into candle holders – The bottom of Glass wine bottles can be cut and they can be placed over candles. This candlelight emitted through the greenish bottles is your perfect option on the dining table or any centerpiece.
  • CDS of no use to funky curtains –Strings of CDS can be used as partitions or at the entrance of any room. They can also be painted with funky or subtle colours according to the surroundings.
  •  Soup cans as wall art – Old soup cans can be peeled off their labels and washed. These cans can then be stuck or fixed on the wall from the bottom side.They can be used to make letters , designs , portraits etc. They can also be filled with a material or painted colours to give it a specified look.
  • Bottle cap  chandelier – Light chandeliers can be made up of bottle caps and with the help of a brass wire, nails and a hammer. These chandeliers look equally elegant but downright cheaper and disposable friendly too.
  • Suitcase tables and holders – Old suitcases can be jazzed up using paints and fabrics.After remodeling them, they can be used as either magazine or newspaper holders or as centre and side tables. They can also be used as pet beds.
  • Wine cork mats – Cork mats can be aligned together and fixed with a glue gun to make mats.These mats can be used anywhere especially outside bathrooms because of its ability to absorb water quickly.
  •  Newspaper baskets – Old newspaper can be folded, wrapped and weaved into making baskets for wither storing newspapers , as a remote control holder etc.



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