HP Introduces Ultrabook alternative: Sleekbook

Ultrabooks came out in 2011 and they majorly compete with the MacBook Air with their ultraportable features and long battery life. Now HP has introduced the Sleekbook which is pretty much an Ultrabook but it does not fit in all requirements of Intel’s Ultrabook concept. HP Envy 4 and 6 are considered to be in the Sleekbook category of devices and they both are powered by Intel Sandy Bridge processors while they consist of a AMD dedicated graphic processors.


Sleekbooks consist of both Intel and AMD Chips without following any of the Intel Ultrabook rules. HP is free to increase the size of such devices for example the HP Envy 4 and 6 are 14 inch and 15.6 inch respectively which clearly fall out of the Ultrabook category while they have dedicated AMD graphic processors. Sleekbooks are comparatively better devices for gaming purposes. Currently Sleekbooks are available in Sandy Bridge processors but HP has assured that Sleekbooks will be available with Intel Ivy Bridge processors in the near future.

Due to the High Pricing of Ultrabooks the sales of such devices have not been as successful as they could have been and HP is taking full advantage of this situation and pricing their Sleekbook devices in $699 – $799 range which gives a hell of a competition to Ultrabook makers.



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