How to Write Film Reviews?

If you’re a movie buff  and know how to critically analyze a movie from head to toe, put yourself to better use and start thinking about writing reviews. Here are some tips to put forward an excellent film review

1.  Watch the movie

The first and the most obvious step is to watch the movie. You need a first hand viewing of the movie. Hearing a narration or reading it’s story will not suffice. Also ensure that you’re watching the movie with minimal distractions and if you want you COULD keep  material with you to note down points. Also for some movies , a single viewing is not enough. It has to be watched atleast 2-3 times.

2.  A good and informative lead

A good movie review should provide a list of the writer’s opinion of the movie at the beginning of the piece in the form of a lead. It should attract the readers into reading more.

3.  Analyzing and reviewing

Various aspects of the movie have to be kept in mind like

  • Story and script  – Whether the story gripped your attention and if this was the case throughout the movie or right after the interval etc. Whether it was unique or clichéd. If it was unique, what was so different about it. A brief  summary of the story must be presented to the readers before putting forward your views.
  •  Artistes – How was the performance of the hero , heroine , villain and other people playing relevant/prominent roles.
  •  Direction , Cinematography , Visual effects etc – Mention if the film has to be given special credit for its effects , direction techniques etc.
  • Music – You don’t have to delve deep into this aspect but striking points or drawbacks can be mentioned.


While giving a summary and reviewing the movie , make sure that you do NOT give away twists , turns or the ending of the movie. This goes especially for suspense thrillers where the movie seems pointless to watch once you get to know the suspense.

5. Audience awareness

You need to keep in mind the audience that is being targeted. If sure writing for a magazine or local newspaper make sure your review is kept simple and straight to the point. If you’re writing for something like a movie buff site , you have the right to present the anatomy of the film in detail .

6.  Criticism and appraisal

While criticizing the movie or praising it , you must always make sure to supplement your viewpoint with relevant reasons. Your review does not entirely have to be one sided. You can mention some good points of the film , while stating it overall failure or vice versa.




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