How to write effective content for a website???

All of us admire a myriad websites. According to some reliable research analyses, it has been proved that approx. 85% of people fall in love with these websites by virtue of their content. Very rightly said, “Content is the king”, it must be taken into consideration that writing effective content for a website is the key to the success and fan following of that website. We must be well-acquainted with a fact by now that it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality. There may be huge chunks of information on the webpage but what counts for the USP of the webpage is not the length of the information, but the relevance and uniqueness of the content matter. The story doesn’t end here! The recipe of a successful website still has a lot of ingredients like correct grammar usage, clear typography, and easy navigation, clean download, so on and so forth. Having said that, it is also a matter of fact that writing effective content for a website ain’t no difficult, provided some genuine points are kept in mind while framing the same in accordance to the website’s requirements and subject. Smile-bringing Factor: Your content mustn’t be plain and dry. Make it humorous and fluffy wherever possible. Put yourself in the readers’ shoe and make it so much so interesting that it leaves a smile on his/her face. Pyramid style: Know it for a fact that people usually don’t read the entire page unless it’s too grabby to keep them from leaving the page. So, follow the pyramid style of writing, i.e. structure your content in a descending order of importance. Grammar and Spell Check: It is usually a matter of great disgrace for the website to have incorrect grammar and spelling errors. It puts the readers off. So, make sure you proofread the content and edit it wherever necessary to make it clean. Concise: Put across your point in the briefest manner possible so that the main subject of the topic is conveyed in the minimal words possible and the reader doesn’t have to go through an altogether different site to grab more info, merely because he doesn’t want to go through the entire content of your website by virtue of its length. White Space: Have a good amount of white space in your piece of writing in order to give a chance to the reader to breathe through the content. “Reverse” type of writing can also be followed for the same purpose, besides many others. Response Generating: Make your content aligned in a proper formatting system and it is always a good idea to make at least one small portion of the entire website that fetches a genuine feedback, either by virtue of polls or simply a suggestion box. Plagiarism free: Most importantly, it must be made sure that the content is purely original. Not just that, but it should be so unique that one must not feel that he has already read something on the same lines before. Non-repetitiveness of words in the same page must also be avoided. Get started with the wonderful game play of words. Let them dance around you! Happy generating effective content for a website!



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I was just 9 when my mother made her first attempt to quench her daughter’s thirst of becoming a wholesome package of the corporate world. Her realization was the result of the hypothetically elevated graph she made, of the frequency of the virtual exhibitions of my corporal skills.

Lately, when I was swimming in the pool of my thoughts, I learnt that there was yet another chance to help my mother succeed, thereby freezing my mind on the milestone of “Writing”, besides freelancing as a content builder for a couple of companies. Fuelled by the desire to further delve into the world of my creativity and curiosity, I am presently pursuing my Bachelors in Media Studies at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. This will improve my prospects at the Graduation level, it being the perfect blend of everything that’s coveted to shape my dreams, shedding light on the best road ahead.

By God’s grace, I know where to direct the force of my will to ensure that I don’t fall into the traps and ruins of indecisiveness. I strongly believe that its one’s passion that drives his/her dreams into reality and what we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not because the nature of work has changed but because of the metamorphosis done by the increased power to do it.

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