How to write a resume/cv?

Your resume or CV is a very important document that needs a lot of attention and time since it is a document that will decide your future and will help you earn a living or help you land up in your desired college/ institute. It also reflects your personality. So before you start writing your resume you must have a look at the tips given below:

  • First and foremost thing:  Never commit the mistake of writing ‘Resume’ as the heading on the top of your document.
  • Be clear in your mind about your aim and purpose for which you are creating the resume.
  • All the aspects that you need to include in your resume in a proper order are:
    1. Name and address: Write your name in Bold and preferably in slightly larger font, followed by your address.
    2. Career Objective: The career objective should not be very lengthy. It should be short, clear, precise and crisp.
    3. Education: This will contain the log of school and colleges/ institutes that you have studied in. It should start with the last college you studied in along with the year in which you passed and your marks or ranking. Then write the details of your school; include percentage of 10th and 12th standard, along with the name of your school and the year in which you passed 10th and 12th.
    4. Achievements: Write about your major achievements in past few years. Don’t write about something you did in your kindergarten or primary classes until it is a national level achievement. This column is very crucial as the interviewer or the company you have applied to will surely focus on this area.
    5. Personality Profile: This section mainly focuses on your abilities and plus points about your personality. It will give an overview about what kind of person you are and what does your personality speak about you.
    6. Practical Proficiency: This segment is the most important segment of your entire resume. Whether it’s a company or a college, the primary thing that they focus upon is ‘your practical experience’ in the past. This section will include details about any major projects done by you or about companies or organisations that you have worked in. Include all the details from the name of the company to the role you played there to the nature of work you did and for how long you did it.
    7. Personal Information: This includes your date of birth, gender, father’s name, mother tongue, Nationality and Marital Status.
    8. Other skills: This section gives you the freedom to write about your creative skills like poetry, writing, singing etc. Any dominant skill which you want to include but doesn’t fall under any of the above mentioned titles then you can include it here.
    9. Leisure Interests: Write a list of your hobbies and interests.
    10. Languages Known: Jot down the names of all the languages that you know.
    11. Declaration: This section basically says that all the information that you have provided above is true, correct and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief.
    12. Place and Date: Write name of the current place and current date at the end of the document. Below that, also put your own signature.

This is not a hard and fast chronology to be followed, if you want you can put different titles or add extra sections, but this is a basic format which is generally followed. Make sure you have at least all the above mentioned information included in your CV.

  • Use effective titles and write everything in bullet points.
  • If you are writing you strengths and weaknesses, then keep in mind to present even your weaknesses in a way that it shows your strengths or write about such a weakness which won’t affect the company in any way.
  • Proofread it twice before finalizing.
  • Lastly, never fake any information in your resume. Always remember, rapid globalization allows them to track your information through various social networking sites and other internet sources.




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